RSS Ceramic™
Until now, a coating with the combination of water and dirt repellency and a high resistance to mechanical wear was not yet possible. The RSS Ceramic ™ coating changes this. The inorganic structure ensures perfect adhesion of the RSS Ceramic ™ coating. A hardness of 9H is hereby achieved with the pencil test. The organic structure provides superior anti-adhesive properties.

RSS Ceramic ™ coating offers excellent, long-lasting protection against contamination, reduction of biofilm formation (up to 29%!) and ease of cleaning.


• Ceramic / hybrid raw materials
• Based on silicon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen
• Pencil hardness up to 9H (harder than car paint)
• Food-safe and chemically inert
• Excellent weather, wear and chemical resistance
• Strong anti-adhesive properties

Applicable surfaces:

• Stainless steel
• Metals
• Marble / natural stone
• Car paint
• Gelcoat
• Plastic