RSS HK™ Wood and Cork Coating

RSS HKtm coating for wood and cork

This specific surface protector protects almost every type of wood and cork against water, dirt and moss-formation. This product is extremely hydro- and oleophobic and results in a very strong deduction of the attachment of water and dirt.

Think of untreated outdoor furniture, scaffolding-wood, wooden façade siding, platforms, wooden bridges, cork floors etc.

RSS HKtm coating is applicable to:

Wood and cork


Product characteristics:

  • Protected against the influences of weather circumstances
  • Strong chemical connection with the surface
  • Water based

Other characteristics:

  • Immune to the formation of moss and other microorganisms
  • No effect on the permeability of vapour
  • Has no effect on the expanding of a foundation
  • Invincible (depending on the colour of the wood)
  • Reduces the effect of the weather circumstances