RSS GK™ & RSS GK Excellent™ Glass & Ceramic Coatings

RSS GKtm and RSS GK Excellenttm coatings for glass and ceramic


These coatings are composed in a way that the surfaces of glass and ceramic reduce the contact with dirt and water. The hydro- and oleophobic effect makes it difficult or impossible for dirt, such as grease- and oil-like substances, chalk and substances from atmospheric pollution, to attach. Your windows can be cleaned without the use of aggressive detergents (easy-to-clean effect). The main part of the dirt will be washed off your glass surfaces by means of a good downpour. If you use tap water (ceramic and shower walls) chalk will stay on the surface as if it were dust.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth will be sufficient in 99% of the cases.
You can use these coatings inside as well as outside. They are extremely appropriate for articles of everyday use, such as tables, glass walls, and bathroom- and kitchen tiles and sanitary.
RSS GKtm and RSS GK Excellenttm are applicable to:

  • Glass surfaces in sanitary surroundings such as shower walls and mirrors
  • Glazed ceramic surfaces such as toilets, tiles etc.
  • Window-glass and construction glass
  • Automotive and marine glass

Production characteristics:

  • High hydrophobicity
  • Strongly anti-adherent
  • Sublime easy-to-clean effect with dirt and chalk

Other characteristics:

  • Safe for food (inert)
  • Invisible for the human eye (layer thickness 100–150 nm)
  • Permanent (UV stable, extremely erosion-resistant)
  • Resistant of unstable temperatures
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Easy to apply
  • Chemical resistant up until a PH value 12