RSS NanoCoatings BV  is specialized in surface treatment with nanotechnology. By means of this treatment, surfaces become hydrophobic and oleophobic; in other words they are made dirt and water-resistant.  Through this, an easy to clean effect is created, so that surfaces are easily cleaned without many cleaning solvents.

We are orientated on a diverse range of branches (real estate, automotive, marine and solar) and we are actively trying to set up a broad network of dealers. You can trust RSS NanoCoatings BV as a business partner that provides your organisation with products and knowledge, but we are also able to carry out the desired application for you or your clients. 

We supply coatings for every specific surface. Through the unique characteristics of our coatings we can provide for long-term protection against dirt and weather. Our products are extremely UV resistant, which means that a lifespan of ten years is no exception.

As an international partner, we can give cross-border support to your company and production process.

Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of companies, by pushing back the usage of chemical resources as a cleaning solvent.